The Spark (live)

by Tieg Johnson

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This bed is too big
without you in it

Love I lost it

This house is lonely
once it was cozy

Love I lost it
Love I lost it

Missing the spark is the hardest part of it

All this disquiet
Why do we buy it?

She's so quiet
She's so quiet

Neglecting the spark was the roughest part of it

Love isn't free
Unbound from this ring
It's tucked at the back of the drawer

I can't believe
I'm watching you leave
Keeping your back to the door

Losing the spark was the saddest part of it

Taking a shower
that's lasting for hours

I'm in her locket
In her locket

Keeping the spark was the funnest part of it

A love make believe
out of tinsel town scenes
keeps me up all night wanting more

This love is a breeze
Makes me weak in the knees
It's even cute how loud she snores

Living the spark was the bestest part of it

I just can't keep it
I've got a secret

In my pocket
In my pocket

Feeding the spark was the thrilling part of it

Get up from my seat
Kiss you on the cheek
Tell you how much you are adored

I get down on one knee
Will you marry me?
I've frozen down my spinal chord

Awaiting the spark was the longest part of it

Love was a rumor
Until I knew her

And then I saw it
That's when I caught it

Catching the spark was the quickest part of it

I can't believe
She's looking at me
As I pick my jaw off the floor

I say "Hello"
You don't tell me to go
And I'll never guess what's in store

Lighting the spark was the perfect part of it


released July 10, 2011



all rights reserved


Shelby, Tieg & Tara

Described as a modern Simon & Garfunkel (if they had sisters), this trio formed in December of 2010 when Tieg Johnson somehow managed to convince his two favorite singers, Shelby Lindley and Tara Louise, to be in a band with him. Equipped with only their voices and an acoustic guitar, they found they were able to put a unique sound on each others original songs. ... more

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